Lonny E. Horowitz M.D. - Atlanta Bariatric Medicine Diet and Wellness Centers, located in Atlanta GA, Dr. Horowitz specializes in personalized medical supervised weight loss and weight management programs, endocrinology and the treatment of diabetes, hormones, metabolic illnesses.


Are you visiting us after years of pain and frustration due to excess weight, having tried various weight loss programs losing weight for a short while but then ending up gaining it all back and possibly more than you initially lost? Perhaps you've suffered weeks of dieting only to watch in despair as the scale wouldn't budge? Perhaps it's simply that you have been treating only a symptom of the problem rather than its actual cause?

To solve a serious problem you need a serious specialist. To succeed with weight loss you need to work with a trained, board certified bariatric physician. Unfortunately, many medical weight-loss practices act as little more than licensed pill shops, focusing on selling prescription medications without much consideration to each specific patient's individual needs. Although they often achieve short term success, the underlying causes of obesity are usually not addressed and thus fail to result in long term weight loss.

Our practice is one of only six board certified bariatric practices in the Atlanta area with four convenient office locations in Woodstock, Alpharetta, Dunwoody and Norcross. There are only eight practices such as ours in all of Georgia. Please contact us for more information on how qualified bariatric medical advice can make all the difference and help you to lose weight and keep it off!

Patient History

If you are a new patient, please download and fill out Patient History form and remember to bring it with you on your initial visit.