Lonny E. Horowitz M.D. - Atlanta Bariatric Medicine Diet and Wellness Centers, located in Atlanta GA specializes in personalized medical supervised weight loss and weight management programs, endocrinology and the treatment of diabetes, hormones, metabolic illnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery has become extremely popular. Dr. Horowitz was a pioneer in this type of surgery more than 25 years ago. The question you may ask is why Atlanta Bariatric Medicine is not performing this type of surgery despite the current fad and the obvious financial windfall earned by performing these procedures?

NAH (National Institutes of Health) lists this surgery as having the highest risk of any elective surgical procedure. This means that comparatively, more people die and suffer surgical complications from these procedures than from heart surgery, brain surgery or any other surgical intervention. Would you have a heart bypass surgery (which is less risky!) unless you are about to die? Bariatric surgery, though indicated for some individuals, is recommended for less than 17% of morbidly obese people. In all other cases the underlying health problems which cause the obesity may be treated by the other available medical modalities with equal success.

Until you have been under the direct care of a board certified bariatric specialist and have exhausted those available medical treatments you have should not consider yourself a reasonable candidate for obesity surgery.

What makes us different?

Our non-surgical treatment succeeds when all others have failed.

Our "RD" is a "Real Doctor" - M.D. Not a Dietitian/Nutritionist unlicensed to practice medicine. No Weekend Trained Diet Expert here - 25 years specializing in the treatment of Obesity and Weight related Illness.

Our doctor is the one of ~500 Board Certified Medical Bariatric Specialists in the country.

We don't just pass out pills or do "weight control." We treat obesity and are certified to do it. No matter what your "Diet Program" may say - ask to see the Doctor's bariatric board certificate. Only 8 are certified in all of Georgia. The rest are NOT ABBM (American Board of Bariatric Medicine) certified. They are winging it!

What Medications do you prescribe?

As a board certified Bariatrician, our doctor has been specifically trained and certified in the use of ALL LEGALLY PRESCRIBED diet drugs. Most physicians are not. If it is new, we not only know about it, Dr. Horowitz probably participated in the initial research prior to its development. Our on-site pharmacy provides appropriate drugs to appropriate patients. No need to go on-line or to a drug store. If you should receive a medication, we provide it.

Will my health insurance cover my treatment?

Because we are recognized and certified as medical specialists in Bariatric Medicine most health insurance companies will reimburse for our services. The amount of your coverage will be determined by your particular policy - deductibles, co-pays, etc. Try that at your local pill mill!

How much does everything cost?

Your initial examination is $382. That includes your initial physical exam, body composition and an extensive consultation with Dr. Horowitz. For our patients convenience your laboratory fees will be submitted directly to your health care carrier. Your insurance coverage will likely reimburse these chargers under the terms of your particular policy. Typically your first visit takes about two hours. Routine follow-up visits are $68. Typically you are seen weekly for the first six to eight weeks. Additional visits will be determined between you and the doctor though are typically every two weeks.

How much weight will I lose in an average week?

Our results are typical, not like the phoney diet ads on TV. Our patients average weight loss from 2-5 pounds weekly. More importantly they keep it off! Our patients have lost over 75,000 pounds. Not bad for one practice!

Is the program real food?

Yes, our program is nothing but real food. We don't offer fad diets or quick fixes. We want you to lose weight and keep it off!

Can members of the same family be on the same diet?

We recognize that Obesity runs in families but typically everyone is an individual and is treated differently. We make every effort to tailor your treatment to yours' and your family's specific and special needs.

Our Goal is to help you meet yours!!

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

We typically can schedule you for your initial appointment within a week. We offer convenient hours for our patients that need to be seen later in the day.

What weight related issues are treated?

We treat all weight related issues in our office. We see patients with hypertension, diabetes, lipid disorders, and eating disorders. Dr. Horowitz has specialized in treating all aspects of weight issues since 1984.

Patient History

If you are a new patient, please download and fill out Patient History form and remember to bring it with you on your initial visit.